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005 Setting Up Non-Negotiables in your Life and Business as an Entrepreneur

Choosing non-negotiables that align with your values

One of the reasons I started on this entrepreneurial journey is to achieve a better work/life balance. Despite the controversy behind whether the perfect work/life balance is a myth or not, I believe that it is entirely possible. But, if you are looking to achieve a better work/life balance, you’ll have to define your non-negotiables in your life and your business. 

What are non-negotiables? 

Non-negotiables are the things in your life that absolutely must/or must not happen. Under no circumstances will you negotiate these things. This is because your non-negotiables are defined by your personal values and beliefs

Your non-negotiables will be aligned with your values.

You don’t want to confuse your goals with your non-negotiables. With goals, you may set them a few times a year, they may have an indiscriminate amount of time until they are achieved, and you may or may not achieve them in the end. However, non-negotiables are not easily compromised, and are always met. 

For example, if I say that a non-negotiable of mine is that I wake up at 7:30 Monday through Friday, but find myself hitting the snooze button a couple of times a week, that’s clearly not a non-negotiable. Whatever I am saying to convince myself to hit that snooze button is more important to me than waking up on time. 

Setting the non-negotiables in your life and business

The importance of defining your non-negotiables is to learn to set rules for yourself and to follow those rules. Otherwise, referred to as self governing, defining the non-negotiables in your life can play a key role in your success later on. 

Examples of non-negotiables for entrepreneurs 

As an entrepreneur, it is especially important to have non-negotiables in both your personal life and work life. If you want to achieve that work/life balance you have to know what you’re striving for, and what you’re willing to accept for yourself. Here are a few examples of some areas that you may have some non-negotiables in. 

  • Healthy Eating 
  • Active lifestyle 
  • Not Working on the Weekends
  • Not discussing business at the dinner table 
  • Daily meditating practices 
  • Waking up early every morning 
  • etc, etc, etc.

What are your non-negotiables? 

On the podcast, I share that my non-negotiable is I do not work on the weekends. This has been a tough one for me to follow through on, but I know it’s what I truly desire. If I value a work/life balance as much as I say I do, then I will put in the effort to make that happen. When you love what you’re doing and you love your job, it’s hard to step away. But, in the long run, stepping away and giving your brain a rest will allow you to become so much more productive and creative! 

So, I want to know, what are your non-negotiables as an entrepreneur? Let me know in the comments below. 

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