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30 Day Podcast Launch Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 of the 30 Day Podcast Launch Challenge and we are talking about writing an intro for your podcast.

What’s the first thing the podcast listener is going to hear when they click on your show?

The Intro.

What makes a good podcast intro?

Your podcast intro is what draws a listener in. A vague introduction with poor quality audio will likely turn listeners away immediately. A good intro is simple, short and sweet. You want it to be less than a minute long. Think of your intro as an elevator pitch for your podcast.

What do you include in your podcast intro?

There’s actually a couple of different parts of the intro that you will need to make your podcast sound professional. You will need all three of these parts in your podcast intro.

1. Teaser – This is a quick little 1 or 2 sentences and then need to inform the listener of three things.
                a. Introduce yourself as the host.
                b. Tell the listener the name and episode # that they are listening to.
                c. Remind the listener what podcast they are listening to – your podcast name.

2. Music or a Jingle – If you’ve been following along, you should already have this picked out. You want to make sure you choose music that is free to use or you can purchase a jingle. If you haven’t picked out your music yet, go read Day 5 of the 30 Day Podcast Launch Challenge for more information.

3. Intro. Copy – This is the elevator pitch of your podcast. This part held me up for awhile. I had never written an intro for a podcast and I have little experience writing copy. Because I’m bootstrapping this project, I was not going to pay someone to write the intro for me. But you can, if you want.

I’ve read many blog posts about launching a podcast and watched numerous videos on YouTube as well. Many people I’ve listened to actually recommend paying for a professional podcast intro because of how important it is to have it be good.

It doesn’t have to cost a million dollars either. You can easily find and hire an affordable professional on a freelance website or something.

Don’t let this step hold you up. It can be a daunting task but it’s really not that hard. Get examples from the podcasts you listen to and take note of the kinds of things they include, how they say it, etc.

Sometimes I’ll be listening to some older episodes of a podcast I just found and I’ll notice that their intro is completely different in the beginning. So, don’t feel like you’re locked into anything for the rest of your life.

That’s it for day 6, everyone! Are you going to write your own intro or hire someone? Let me know in the comments below what you decide!


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