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6 Podcasts for Highly Motivated Millennial Entrepreneurs and Bloggers

If anyone knows me, they know I am podcast obsessed. I listen to podcasts practically 24/7. It’s perfect because you can listen to them while you do a ton of other things.

Here are my favorite times to listen to podcasts:

• While walking my dogs
• Cleaning the house
• On my way to work
• Before bed to help me relax

When I discover a new podcast, I binge.

My favorite podcasts usually cover topics related to blogging, self-development, marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, productivity, minimalism, creativity, content strategy, and career.

If any of those topics are of interest to you, then this list of podcasts is for you!

1. High-Performance Habits

This is a newly discovered podcast that I really enjoyed. This podcast is unlike any other podcast I have ever listened to before. The first season of the podcast is the audiobook version of Brendon Burchard’s book, High-Performance Habits, read by the author himself. The book is FULL of data backed research from years of experience. You know, I love some good statistics and research, so this was right up my alley!

2. The Strategy Hour Podcast

This podcast was one of the first podcasts that I found and started listening to when I initially discovered podcasts. Hosted by Abagail and Emylee, founders of Think Creative Collective. They both are a huge inspiration to me. If you wanna get real about what it takes to run a business, be creative, and not lose your mind, you’ll want to tune in. I was a beginner blogger when I first found them, and I particularly enjoyed their March and April Review Session episodes. If you’re new to blogging and need a good episode on setting goals, check out episode #154: Setting Your Goals for 2018. They break down goals by yearly quarter and tell you exactly what to focus on. So helpful!

3. ProBlogger

This podcast is the ultimate resource guide for anything and everything blog related. You likely already know Darren Rowse if you’ve been in the blogging world at all. His podcast has 252 episodes of real goldmines! Each episode contains actionable tips and tricks covering anything you can probably think of. I can’t pick a favorite episode because I have listened to so many that I loved. The greatest part about this podcast is that almost all the episodes are still relevant and can (should) be heard. Scroll through until you see something that sparks your interest and adds it to the queue. This podcast is BINGE WORTHY!

4. The Lavendaire Lifestyle 

I started following Aileen Xu on YouTube. I found out she had a podcast when she launched a new season beginning in March 2018. She talks about running a business while embracing the creative process and loving your self along the way. I still love her YouTube videos but also keep up on her podcast too. I loved one of her more recent episodes LL 070: Listening to Your Inner GPS w/ Lynn Robinson. Lynn is an intuition coach, I have never heard of this kind of coach before. So many gems in this episode. I needed this episode. Aileen asks some great questions, and Lynn provides some fantastic answers! LOVE!

5. The Ground Up Show

My recent little dabble in minimalism brought me to this show. The host, Matt D’Avella is best known for his film Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, but his work does not stop there. You can find this podcast on his YouTube channel in what he calls Ground Up Shorts. His interviews are unlike any other interviews you’ve heard before. They go deep, you’ll feel inspired, and they will give you hope. His creativity is apparent in everything he does. I have never taken a filmmaking course or anything closely related in my entire life, but when I see and hear his work, I think, “I want to be a filmmaker like that!” and inspires me to want to document my whole life. If you’re into minimalism and creativity, this is a podcast is a must.

6. Do You Even Blog Podcast

This is my newest little gem. Pete McPherson knows his mission and doesn’t let anything get in the way of his vision. This podcast started in May 2017, knowing that there was high competition in this niche, knowing he would be competing with people like Pat Flynn, Darran Rowse, and Neil Patel, and still going after what he wanted to blog about. It’s now June 2018, and he’s still going strong, and the podcasts keep getting better and better. He’s a living, breathing example that the internet is not too saturated no matter how many successful people there are. I recommend listening to the very first episode where he talks about his mission. One of my favorite episodes is How to Pitch Influences and Land Clients Like Google – Ryan Robinson. This episode was so good that I actually went on to episode webpage to leave a comment telling him how much I enjoyed this episode. While the whole episode is full of great stuff, there is a little golden nugget in this episode about podcasting. I told Pete McPherson that he needed to do a ‘Round 2’ episode where they can talk more about podcasting…we shall wait and see.

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