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You’re Not Poor, You’re Broke

Back in high school, I remember a teacher once saying “You’re not poor. You’re broke.” It is crucial to know the difference. There is a difference between struggling to pay the bills and not being about to afford a huge Christmas. There is a difference between not being able to put food on the table and not being able to put toys under the tree.

I know we want to be able to afford to do both. But sometimes the checks just aren’t big enough. If you’re broke, like me, then I know what it feels like to feel as though all your money goes towards bills and no matter how hard you try, you can never get ahead, paycheck to paycheck.

Well, don’t let that get you down. Girl, you got this. Let that uncomfortable feeling be your motivation. You’re broke. The only thing that means is that its time to sit down and think about what changes need to happen to achieve the goals you want and then DO IT!

The key to being successful and living the life you want is changing your mindset. Chances are you’re doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Where have I heard that phrase before? Oh yeah, Albert Einstein defined that as insanity.

The hardest part of getting started, and believe me I know, is merely getting started. You get into habits. You drown in the repetition of every day’s daily tasks. You have to sit down and look at yourself through unbiased eyes and physically decide (Is that a thing? Can you physically decide? …..anyways)  to take actionable steps towards bettering your life.

I think now it the best time as ever to make this change in your life that you’ve been thinking about. I want to encourage all of you to achieve some 2018 Financial Goals. Then I want you to make a 2018 Plan towards these goals! Comment and share yours below. I’ll post mine soon!


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