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30 Day Podcast Launch Challenge – Day 5

Day 5, everyone. We are officially on day 5 of the 30 Day Podcast Launch Challenge.




Today’s step is a fun one. We will be picking out the music for creating the podcast intro and outro.

Some may think that you should write your intro first before picking the music, I guess it doesn’t matter either way. I thought the process of picking out the music was fun and exciting. But you have to be careful that you’re not violating any copywrite issues.


What kind of music can you use?

If you want to avoid legal issues, you want to make sure that you are using royalty free or creative commons music. Different licenses go along with each type of music, so you want to make sure to read the small print before going forward with anything.

Where can I get royalty free or creative commons music for my podcast?

Many websites offer various licenses and music royalties. For me, the most comfortable option for me was to use the YouTube Audio Library to find my music.

I looked at the terms and conditions for the music available on YouTube. I posted a picture of the terms and conditions below. You can also check attribution or no attribution in the assortment options.


I like the assortment of options YouTube gives you. By now you should know the kind of feel you are going for. You can sort the music on YouTube by genre, mood, and instrument. Try a few different combinations to find your favorite song. I gave myself 45 minutes for this. I told myself I would only spend 30 minutes but went a little over.


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